London Ambulance Service - Life Saving Volunteers Awards 2015

Friday night last, was the LAS Volunteer Responder Group Awards ceremony held at the House's of Parliament.

We were lucky to have three of the team nominated for a finalist spot, Steve, Amanda and John J, but we didn't know what category the nominations were in. There were eight categories, with three finalist per category, each having their citations read out and the winner announced.

The first award of the night was the Community First Responder award and the first nomination of the night was read out... Steve and a glowing account of someone who devotes huge amounts of his time not just for us, but for several schemes and areas, with more than one connected to First Aid, AED's and LAS.... a worthy winner on many levels.

The second citation was read out... Amanda and yet another glowing account of volunteering and on both sides of the fence, doing the volunteering and organising the volunteering... another worthy winners account.

It wasn't until John's citation has started to be read out, that Kier 'Bullet' Mahon turned to Elaine and Sara (Kier and John J's wives) with a huge grin on his face saying 'we've won... we've actually won!!!....' He was gobsmacked, so he can't actually give you a heads up on what JJ's citation was about as he was flummoxed.... but that didn't last long, nor was he to be the flummoxed one much longer, as James Nesbitt read out ... and the winner is...... John Jeal.

The look of shock on his face, the tear in his eye and his complete lack of celebration (Speechless... unlike Kier... yelping like he was at a rugby match) showed me that despite both Steve and Amanda being capable and worthy winners themselves, John winning was the right choice.

So there you have it... our first award... with our third nomination.... you know what they say, the third ones the charm!

John is Assistant Team Co-Ordinator along with Kier and has been running the unit since 2009 and has not only dedicated and volunteered so many hours to the CFR scheme, but he has also helped manage and train hundreds more and no doubt saved many lives. The Harrow Responders Social Media Ambassador would like to represent all the members of the unit past and present as well as the community you help in thanking and congratulating you on your time, dedication and achievements and we couldn't think of a more worthy winner of this very prestigious award. Here is hoping to many more years of dedication from you.

Here's to 2017 and more success for Harrow Community First Responders

Here is the article by London Ambulance Service: